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Empty Nesting Together

Facilitator: Toni Schutta

5 Weeks Tuesdays 12-1pm

Join a sisterhood of moms in this 5-week program and make this big transition with support and gusto!


5-Week Program, Tuesdays: Sept. 26, Oct. 10, Oct. 24, Nov. 7 and Nov. 21 from 12-1 pm


Class size: 9 Fee: $75.00


Does empty nesting sound scary to you, excite you, dumbfound you? Is your heart heavy with sadness or aflutter with a new sense of freedom? What are your hopes, dreams, and fears for this next chapter of your life?

Come to Empty Nesting Together to meet other moms experiencing this big transition, learn the superpower of naming the myriad of emotions you may be experiencing, explore who you are as you redefine parenting, and find support from other strong and courageous women. We’ll also explore options for creating more joy as you lean into self-care and examine your passions and interests.

Whether you have just one child who's left the nest or all your kids have flown the coop, join us to walk this journey together!


Sept. 26- Class 1: Share Your Story

Get acquainted with other empty nest moms and begin the journey together by exploring your feelings about the next chapter. You'll start a gratitude journal and a daily feelings check-in.

Oct. 10- Class 2: Take a Deeper Dive

We'll take a deeper dive into your empty-nesting experience through a visualization and mindfulness exercise and share what you've discovered from your self-discovery journals.

Oct. 24- Class 3: Who Am I In Addition to a Mom?

Parenting has likely consumed you for a long time. In this class, you'll reconnect with a part of yourself you may have left behind and look forward to leading a more balanced life.

Nov. 7 Class 4: The Superpower of Self-Care

Somehow, "self-care" has become a dirty word for most moms. We'll dispel that myth and get you started with steps to put some gas in your own tank!

Nov. 21- Class 5: Following Your Passions

Today, you'll roll up your sleeves and set a goal to pursue a passion, plus you'll design your perfect day (and set a day to do it!).

Toni Schutta

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