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Journey to Forgiveness Workshop

Facilitator: Rosella Collins-Puoch

Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm

Tuesdays, September 26th through December 19, 2023

Fee: $125


Explore the power of forgiveness in a 7-week course. Transform and grow using lessons, discussions, and exercises for personal well-being.

  • Dr. Rosella Collins-Puoch, Author and Founder/CEO of Hope Village, LLC, will facilitate this course which is designed to explore the profound power of forgiveness and its impact on our personal growth and well-being. Over the course of seven weeks, participants will engage in various thought-provoking lessons, discussions, and experiential exercises. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical tools, and personal reflection, participants will gain a deep understanding of forgiveness as a transformative practice.

Rosella Collins-Puoch

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