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Pathways to Inner Peace

Testimonials from Past Participants in the “Pathways to Inner Peace” Program :

“I loved coming to a peaceful place with supportive women to learn skills to take care of myself. Each session was so helpful!”“

I loved each session, especially the body work, boundaries and reducing negative thoughts.”“I learned to take better care of myself and set boundaries.”

“Toni was kind and gentle and explained things really well.”

Skills participants gained as a result of this 5-part series :

“I will be able to recognize and manage my emotions better, set boundaries to prioritize myself and my comfortable-ness.”

“I am listening to myself and tuning in to how I feel so I can get what I need so I can fill myself up to support and love those around me.”

“I will be better able to communicate my needs in a polite way.”

Toni Schutta

Toni Schutta is a National Speaker, Author, Parent Coach and Licensed Psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology who has 28 years’ of experience helping thousands of women and families. Toni’s passion is helping women become their best selves, find more joy, and learn tools to manage life's inevitable stressors. Toni has taught 100s of classes and provides practical, hands-on tools that can be implemented immediately to help you live your best life.


Toni hosted “Real Parents. Real Solutions,” a parenting talk show on, the world’s largest internet radio station. Her insights have been featured in national publications such as Parents, Woman's World, and First for Women, and her expertise has been sought after by countless radio and TV shows, including KSTP-TV, WCCO-TV, and KARE 11 TV. The Star Tribune featured Toni in an article entitled, “Cyber-nanny.”  She’s the author of 20 Great Ways to Raise Great Kids and also co-authored Parenting by Strengths: A Parent’s Guide for Challenging Situations. Toni is a Certified Epic Coach and a Mentor Coach graduate.

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