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How to request to use The Nest

Are you a leader looking for a place to hold your next workshop?

Do you need a quiet place to meet a client?

Are you needing an inspirational space to host a class or retreat?

Are you looking for a small group setting?

The Nest has the space you have been looking for! From a classroom that can host up to 30 guests to small group meeting spaces we have just the right spot for you and your group. 


To apply for space use follow fill out the form below and a Nest representative will reach out to you. 

Groups Currently Using The Nest
-Office spaces for church

-Inner Peace Class

-Breathwork Class

-IF Retreat

-One-on-one coaching

-Kattallasso Group

-Pop Up Barber Shop

-Power of She meeting

-Book Club

-Networking event

-Brainstorm meeting

-Business long range planning

-Girl Scout meeting


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