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Pathways to Inner Peace

With gentle guidance you’ll learn practical ready-to-use methods for nurturing greater peace in your body, heart, mind and relationships so you can reduce stress and overwhelm and feel calmer.


Toni Schutta

5 Classes

Tuesdays 7-8:15 pm


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Steps to Starting a Non-Profit

Learn the steps to creating a   Non-Profit and be connected to professional resources to help get your Non-Profit started.


Julie Overbye Ledy

Saturday, February 3rd



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Openings left

Reigniting Connection

How we connect, what gets in the way, and strategies for rewiring to enhance connection and resilience.


Trish Thacker

Saturday 9am -12pm 

Oct  28th

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Class is Full

Restorative Family Mediation

Get trained in a relationship-focused approach to conflict.


Lisa Welter

Nov 27-Dec 1 8am-5pm Online

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New Class: Offered in Winter 2024

Exploring Connection


Have you ever wondered why some relationships are easier than others?

Learn strategies that drive relationships

Trish Thacker

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Postponed until Winter 2024

Book Writing!


Unlock your creativity and master storytelling in this workshop. Develop captivating characters, and plots, and refine your writing style.

Dr. Rosella Collins-Puoch

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New Class: Offered in Winter 2024

Healing Dis-ease and Trauma in the Body through the Fascia


"When the body says No"--exploring the stress-disease connection when emotions are repressed.

Jennifer Klein

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